Our Mission

Developing Artificial-based solutions to support disaster response management

Our goal is to develop artificial intelligence-based solutions to support disaster response management. One of the core questions is, how should robotic systems efficiently support humans in situation assessment and the progressive creation of joint situation awareness in dangerous environments. Depending on the concrete mission, environmental factors, e.g. underground or underwater with polluted or radiated areas, require morphologically different robots to meet the challenges of a dynamic and complex environment, often collaborating with humans or other robots. How such teams should work efficiently and communicate, which information needs to be collected, how it needs to processed and presented to humans, are some of the core questions we are addressing.
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Meet our team.

Dr. Ing. Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova

Senior researcher in the MLT Lab in Saarbrücken, leader of the Talking Robots Group, coordinator of the EU projects NIFTi and TRADR on human-robot teaming for disaster response. Research on dialogue and human-robot interaction. Leader of TRADR team deployed in earthquake-struck Amatrice, Italy.

Dr. Sirko Straube

Sirko Straube is Research and Administrative Manager at the Robotics Innovation Center of DFKI in Bremen. Besides resource and project planning and coordination, he is considered with teaming of humans and autonomous robots, including related software architectures.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hutter

Dieter Hutter is vice director of the CPS Department at DFKI in Bremen and honorary professor at Bremen University. He is working in the areas of security, formal methods and change management.

Dr. Carsten Ullrich

Dr. Carsten Ullrich is the associate head of the Educational Technology Lab. His research covers supporting individual users in stressful and complex environments.

Prof. Dr. Peter Fettke

Peter Fettke is Professor of Business Informatics at Saarland University, DFKI Research Fellow and head of the Business Process Management Group at DFKI.

Dr. Tim Schwartz

Tim Schwartz is a senior researcher at the Intelligent User Interfaces group at DFKI Saarbrücken. His main research interests lie in the field of Human-Robot interaction and autonomous systems.

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